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this is so important

Oh my god

I didn’t know why it took girls so long to do their makeup until I met mel and she showed me how to dismantle the patriarchy with eyeliner

Girls are so lucky if a guys ugly they gotta stay ugly and let’s just say they found a diaper in my gene pool

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My latest illustration work,

"Genius-Billionaire-Fairy Tale Playboy-Philanthropist Prince."

This piece was my take on Marvel/Disney mashup fan art concept featuring Tony Stark and some of Disney’s classic princesses. I did take out some other princesses. So pardon me.

Linearts and colors by yours truly. Enjoy! :)

- Ryan Adriandhy

Tools used:
- Pencil, Paper (Sketch)
- Manga Studio EX5 (Final Linearts)
- Adobe Photoshop CS 5 (Coloring)

Also available at







okay, this scene is never talked about. this is an important scene, look at belle, face-down in the freezing cold snow after getting bucked off of philippe just moments before. she could have ran away, she could have waited for help, or gone looking for it. but NO, belle decides to step up to the plate and thwack a wolf off of philippe’s back. and her face, she’s scared, terrified, even. but no, she tries to calm philippe down even though she realizes that these wolves are really freakin’ scary. they’re growling and baring their teeth and licking their lips. but belle sticks to her guns, and stands by philippe, dodging their efforts to bite her foot off. AND EVEN AFTER THAT, she’s still there. she decides to play offensive. she swings the branch, and misses. BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP HER. SHE SWINGS AGAIN. and despite her efforts, the stick unfortunately gets broken into two(which i could not show due to my creative limits.) but THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SCENE. belle is a badass, and if this doesn’t prove it, i don’t know what will. 

"Disney princesses are weak" *laughs for a million years then shows them this edit*

I don’t remember blogging this…


??? dude, i literally just made this myself lol

That’s my girl!

At this point I’m just like if you don’t recognize scenes like this and still talk shit about Disney princesses then you suck

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